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  1. Steve Theodorou

    Hello, my wife and I are both clinical pharmacists and enjoyed your book! Great data collection and analysis.
    We wondered your opinion on vaccination of both her and the baby. We’re 16 weeks in on our first.

    We were leaning towards delaying them but were curious of your opinion as you were very rigorous in looking at all available data. We’ve always been concerned with big pharma collusion with the CDC, selection of only positive studies and non-reproduceability of studies…

    Thanks a lot for your time, it’s very appreciated!

    Take care,
    Steve Theodorou RPh BCPS

    1. dsiniscalco Post author

      Dear Steve,

      Many thanks for reaching out, and I’m so pleased to hear the book has been helpful!

      I unfortunately have not personally researched the topic of vaccination during pregnancy, as I felt that was the rightful domain of the medical profession.

      I do have opinions about vaccination in general based on reading I’ve done; my general perspective is that there is declining awareness amongst the general public about the severity of contracting the various diseases which we vaccinate against, as we no longer personally know anyone who has contracted them. This makes us tend to underweight the value of vaccination. (If you had a neighbor who was deaf because of having had measles as a child, you’d weigh the risks of the disease more carefully against the purported risks of vaccination) So in general, I’m supportive of vaccination. But once again, this is my opinion based on general knowledge to date rather than my conclusions based on research about pregnancy specifically.

      Given the interest in this topic, I would certainly consider including it in a future addition, so appreciate the input that this would be of value. But since you have a decision to make ASAP, I’d suggest you do a quick search for relevant articles on Google Scholar, which is my favorite source for finding academic publications. Hope this helps!

      Best regards,

  2. Ann

    Daphne, I am a huge fan! Your book is a revelation. I found it after Googling for the real risks behind doctor recommendations. I was floored to learn how much of it is based on feeling rather than fact. I’ve recommended your book to friends and family and have continued to use it as a reference.

    I would love a book like Debunking the Bump that focuses on healthy eating generally as there is so much hysteria — even and especially among doctors. (I’m talking about macros, preservatives, organic vs. GMO. Questions like: How bad is refined sugar really; what is its true connection to Type 2 Diabetes and other disease? Are common preservatives known toxins? Do people who buy organic have better health markers?) It need not answer all questions, just the most fear-inducing. Like most people, I don’t have the time nor the expertise to accurately summarize the hard data. You have proven yourself to be the best person for this task. I hope you will consider taking up this challenge!


    1. dsiniscalco Post author

      Dear Ann,
      That’s a fantastic suggestion, and a topic I had actually considered tackling already! Unfortunately I’m in the midst of writing two more books (on babies and on teenagers), so plan to finish those first. But I love the idea of finding out more about such a critical (and complex) topic. Perhaps in the meantime my favorite author on the topic of food, Michael Pollan, will continue to write and may answer some of your questions!


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